Countdown to Project RES-Q’s December Goal of $1000  


   Unity Alliance INC exists to support the spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of youth. Our aim is to equip youth who have the desire to impact their generation. We are a coalition  that provides support for groups who desire to develop and improve the lives of young people. 

    In order to accomplish this goal of unifying youth, Unity Alliance utilizes worship, fellowship, sports, workshops, evangelism, outreach events and missions. These unified groups of youth will then work together through prayer and outreach events to demonstrate the love of Christ to less fortunate youth in other parts of the world through words and deeds. 

     Another purpose of Unity Alliance is to strengthen entities that support young people through a variety of methods such as adult leadership training and youth development training.  If an entity does not have the resources or staff to invest into its youth, we step in and help.  Unity Alliance is also in the process of connecting with local youth detention centers to interact and develop relationships with the youth.