Pastor Saah M. Hali of Unity Alliance have served the English congregation of New Taiwanese American Christian Church by proclaiming God’s word with contextual application of the Word for the youth in their generation. The sermons have focused on encouraging and uplifting the young people. There is a clear goal and focus on the youth, as they are our future. In raising the younger generations in Christ, Unity Alliance uses God’s Truth and love, sharing situations and attitudes that pierce but also bring hope to those who unite with God to grow.  The messages provide examples in which the youth can relate to, how to be Christ-centered while living in this world and how to serve others as a testimony of one’s identity as a child of God. Satan is a very real entity and Unity Alliance does not hide how Satan works through the media and technology to distract Christians from worshipping God. This is very on point for youths today as they easily become consumed by TV and Internet. With passion and vitality, and much of the Word of God, Unity Alliance speaks on level with today’s youth to discipline and encourage them as God loves and disciplines His children. God’s hand and the Holy Spirit certainly are working through this ministry.
Diana Chen
Deacon of the English Ministry of New Taiwanese American Christian Church

The Youth Group of Fort Lee Gospel Church has been blessed by the ministry of Unity Alliance.  Our teens have attended a few events where Saah and Julia Hali have ministered in effective ways.  They have focused on worship and entering God's presence before being challenged by the truth of God's Word.  I was pleased to see even our fringe kids drawn in by the presence of Christ.  Our teens look forward to these events. On a personal basis, it has been a pleasure to work with Saah and Julia. They have a humble heart with a ministry focus.  We have had them minister at our own youth event and we have had them lead a Unity Alliance event in our building.  I look forward to continued partnership in the future.  
Rev. Rick Spenst
Pastor of Fort Lee Gospel Church (C&MA)

I am pleased to write this endorsement for Unity Alliance, which has been a great help in bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the youth of northern New Jersey. UA has presented "Immortal Kombat" a young men's conference at West Side Presbyterian Church of Englewood. The event was well-organized and well-attended. The UA staff members are able to relate to today's youth culture, and speak to young people in their own language without diluting the word of Christ or His call to salvation. UA can energize your church's youth ministry, and I recommend them without reservation.
(The Rev.) Charles A. Gilmore, Jr.
Honorably Retired, Presbyterian Church (USA)

Unity Alliance is giving high school students an opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to be transformed by God’s Word! There are few organizations out there that are focused on helping teenagers to grow in spiritul and emotional maturity. This role is very important in our society and few dare to invest their lives in this field. I’m so glad something like Unity Alliance exists!
Maressa Carneiro, DiscipleMakers