Adam LiVecchi is the founder of We See Jesus Ministries, an itinerant ministry rooted in New Jersey. Adam LiVecchi has traveled to Honduras, China, Mexico, the Philippines, India, Peru, Canada,  Brazil, Nicaragua and all over the United States declaring the gospel. His ministry builds the kingdom through the local church and various outreaches following the gospel proclamation.

    Adam LiVecchi is a passionate man who has experienced life in the wrong lane. In the past, he delivered drugs to people, today he delivers the gospel to people who are thirsty for Christ. Adam’s experiences have motivated him to reach young people so they will not make the same mistakes he made.

    Sarah serves alongside her husband Adam as he travels the world.  She plays the viola and violin.  God has gifted her with the ability to lead His flock into intimate worship. 

Biography: Adam & Sarah LiVecchi

Name: Adam LiVecchi
Hometown: Little Ferry, NJ

Church: King’s Gate Church


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