Saah Manjoe Hali was born in Liberia, West Africa. At an early age, he experienced the hardships of the gruesome Liberian civil war. He witnessed youth and family members become members of various rebel factions. During this time, Saah realized how important youth are to society. His observation led to the conclusion that youth could change the world. Saah then began to develop a desire to provide an impacting platform for young people to impact their generation and their world. This platform is Unity Alliance, an organization that provides services for youth and opportunities for them to make a difference. The vision of Unity Alliance unfolded from the heart of Saah in 2006.

In 1992, Saah trampled over dead bodies to leave war-torn Liberia for Ivory Coast, the neighboring country. After attempting to immigrate to the United States for two years,  Saah and his siblings finally saw their breakthrough in 1994. Saah arrived in the United States and attended the public schools of Teaneck in northern New Jersey after not being in school for five years. After graduating from Teaneck High School, Saah earned a soccer and academic scholarship to Caldwell College. In 2006, Saah graduated from Caldwell College with degrees in Secondary Education, Social Studies, and a minor in Psychology. The zeal to be more efficient in reaching youth of all backgrounds inspired Saah to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Intercultural Studies from Alliance Theological Seminary (ATS). In May of 2009, Saah graduated from ATS.

Saah’s passion to impact youth is exemplified as he serves as youth pastor at Mount Olive Baptist Church in Hackensack, New Jersey.  Along with being a pastor,  Hali is a seventh and eighth grade social studies teacher at Benjamin Franklin Middle School in Teaneck. At Benjamin Franklin he serves as Advisor to the BF Achievers. The BF Achievers is a mentorship program for boys in grades six through eight which facilitates social and academic development. Saah’s second passion is soccer. During the months of August through November he coaches the Teaneck High School varsity girls soccer team.  Saah Manjoe Hali declares, “the greatest investment one can make in life is in people because your return is eternal and you live forever.”    


Contact Info
AIM Instant Messaging:Liberianstar4 
MSN Instant Messaging:Saahh4@hotmail 
Business Phone: (973) 246-4098
Name: Saah Manjoe Hali 
President of Unity Alliance Inc., USA & Liberia 

Churches: Christian International church 

Community Baptist Church 

College: Caldwell College 06
B.A. Social Studies & Secondary Education 

Minor in Psychology 

Graduate Studies: 
The College of New Jersey 
MA  Education Leadership 

Alliance Theological Seminary 09
MA Intercultural Studies

Doctoral student: alliance theological seminary 

Life Verse: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. 31The second is this: 'Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these."

Mentoring Groups:   One to one Bible Study 

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Saah M. Hali