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Project Res-Q
(Liberia, West Africa)


Summer 2008

Four years ago, I made my first trip back to Liberia after 15 years. As I toured the country, I saw the faces of the children who reminded me of myself. I realized the only difference between them and me was opportunity. I had the opportunity to survive but some of their brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers didn’t. I had the opportunity to make it to the United States and study but some of them will never get the opportunity to leave their villages to be educated. So the little I could do was to bring the children together to enjoy good times like I used to. I started a soccer camp for the children in the village of Totota. On the first day of the camp about 25 children came out. By the second day the amount of children quadrupled. By the last day we had about 500 children. I realized that soccer was the bridge to Restore and Educate the youth. The next year, 2009, I went back with suitcases of used clothes and ran a soccer tournament for the youth of Totota and Maim. With meager support we purchased 10 sets of jerseys and sandals for the children to play soccer in. The tournament united the community and inspired parents to appreciate their sons’ and daughters’ talents. After the Championship game, there was a moment where a woman came up to me and was in tears because of the love that was poured out upon her son and the children of the community.

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