The lock-in hosted by Pastor Saah was very fun. I also experienced a lot of stuff. I felt that God was there and he changed something in me. During the lock-in we did skits and other stuff. It was very fun. The scavenger hunt was really hard and fun. We did a lot of tasks. My team did all the work while I did only one thing and I felt really bad. Also, during that time people were giving me stress and I was also struggling with other stuff too. But God sent someone to help me. In Barnes & Noble, I was complaining to myself, and I was very scared. One of the tasks of the scavenger hunt was to share your testimony with someone in the mall. I wanted to do the testimony task so I can help my team. But I was scared and worried. So, I kept on saying “God just lead me to someone and guide me.” But for some reason it did not work. I thought if I read a bible or bought something it will help me but I did not have enough money. So I started getting mad at myself and started feeling depressed. I kept on thinking what is wrong with me why can I not do a simple task. Then a kind woman told me that she could help me with my problem. Then we started talking and she said she would buy me a bible and she did. I kind of felt bad because she spent her money when she did not have to. But I also felt that God was always there with me and he gave me a gift to help me help this generation. After she bought me the bible I asked her if she had a testimony. She said that I am doing an event called 40 days of love. Also, she came to Barnes & Noble to buy a bible for the children in that event. But then she said that she felt that the Holy Spirit was talking to her to find someone and help them. Then she found me and she bought me it. She said that whenever the Holy Spirit talks to you, you should obey it. After this I felt that my point of view changed. Now, I fully want to devote myself to Jesus.
Brian Yang
Youth Group Member at New Jersey Harvest Church

In regards to the session [Take His Hand Girls Conference] I attended with the girls, I was very moved by the passion for Jesus and diversity of folks involved. It was so awesome to see so many of God’s unique children working towards ONE purpose.  I felt so at peace with Him for bringing that opportunity my way and knowing the main focus was Jesus. My girls were so attentive and I know it touched their hearts. They definitely respond well to real testimony and experiences. They don't always let me know, but I know they all took away something. I thought the end was perfect in sharing God’s love individually with each girl to remind them how precious they are to him. That is so important. The whole day was a blessing and like I said the atmosphere was JESUS. All praise was to Him and that's all that matters in the end.  
Adrienne Mattar
Youth Leader at Budd Lake Chapel 

The conference (Take His Hand Girls Conference) taught me how to be the woman God wants me to be.
Liz Spenst
Youth Group Member at Fort Lee Gospel Church

The Immortal Kombat Boys Conference was a powerful and fun event. It is rare that someone like Pastor Saah and Unity Alliance would have the heart to put together an event dedicated to the physical, mental and spiritual well being of the young men in our community. The praise & worship experience was wholesome and relevant! The speakers gave powerful testimonies that addressed real life struggles that our youth deal with everyday. We also heard great messages on the war in the mind, body & spirit. Unity Alliance provided a delicious and filling lunch. The day ended with an exciting but Godly basketball tournament which everyone enjoyed. Overall, I think it was an awesome time of fellowship, spiritual impartation and fun. We met many like minded brothers and sisters in Christ and were able to build lasting relationships. We look forward to the next conference and Pray that Unity Alliance continues the great work for the community and the body of Christ.
Tyrone Geralds
Former Youth Leader at Bethel Church of God in Christ