Countdown to Project RES-Q’s December Goal of $1000


Project Res-Q
(Liberia, West Africa)

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December 2011

In December of 2011, UA took a major step toward building the youth center (Project RES-Q) by clearing five acres of land. UA created job opportunities by hiring 30 community members to clear the land. UA also fed each worker.

Summer 2012

We motivated and encouraged the local people by giving them clothing.

December 2012

We organized a major soccer tournament at Bong County National Stadium. Youth teams from across Liberia participated in the tournament. We spread the vision of Project RES-Q.

Summer 2013

We converted an abandoned gas station’s convenience store into a public library. The library is located Maimu.    

September 2014

Our goal is to start the school without the finished building so in september of 2014 the Project RES-Q Academy will start with 40-50 kindergarteners