Countdown to Project RES-Q’s December Goal of $1000  


Project Res-Q’s Mission Statement

Project Res-Q’s mission is to Restore and Educate the orphans and underprivileged children who have been severely impacted by the Liberian Civil War by using Soccer as a hook. Our goal is to build a school that will house a recreation center and soccer fields for these children.  On the campus we will initiate the reconciliation of tribes and make a safe place for children who have been subject to the violence of tribal warfare. We aim to restore hope to lives through education. We will use soccer as the hook for restoration and education.

Tamba Hali talks about the Liberian Civil War

Project Res-Q’s Progression

Project Res-Q’s Progression



We need 185,000 BRICKS to make this dream a reality. The price of each BRICK is $1.00 USD. Every BRICK counts, from the #1- #185,000

  1. *1 brick at a time

  2. *1 floor at a time

  3. *1 building at a time       (Tax Deductible)

200,000 BRICKS



How Can You and Your Group Get Involved with Project Res-Q?


  1. 1)Fundraisers

  2. 2)Donations

  3. 3)Used electronic drive (laptops, game systems, sim phones, portable DVD players)

Supplemental Materials

  1. 1)Soccer Equipment

    A) New or used (Balls, cleats, jerseys, etc)

Become a Member of the Project Res-Q Board of Directors or an Ambassador of the project  

* Contact 973-246-4098

The Need Recognized

UA Established in Liberia (NGO)

Briggs Family Donated 5 Acres

Fall 2015

School Starts

Established 1st Public Library

In Lower Bong County

Site Plan & Blueprint Purchased

5 Acres cleared

Donated Clothing

Soccer Tournament in Liberia

Spring 2014

Interviewed 30 School Personnel

Summer 2015

School Personnel Training